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Today, we have time to edit and publish our writing. 


Look back at all of the work you have done during our sentence stacking lessons and follow the steps below to edit your work.


E1 Edit: The Revise


First, check all of your work to ensure that all of the spellings are accurate.  (Our spelling lists are attached below)

Next, check for any missed or additional words.

Now, make sure that all of your punctuation is correct especially basic sentence punctuation and capital letters for proper nouns (names of people and places).



tranio Saw a wooden cargo boat sailling across the sea with large clay varses full of food and surplies


Tranio saw a wooden cargo boat sailing across the sea with large, clay vases full of food and supplies.


E2 Edit: The Rewrite


A rewrite is needed if a sentence doesn't make sense, could be restructured or generally improved.


e.g. The people chuntered about their life under the sun.


Under the burning sun, the people of Pompeii chattered cheerfully as they went about their day.


E3 Edit: The Reimagine


This is your chance to add more sentences to develop an idea further. If you remember, when we do this in school, we use editing flaps.


e.g. He could see Mount Vesuvius.


In the distance, he could see the imposing Mount Vesuvius standing guard over the city of Pompeii.


Once you are happy with your work, publish it using the paper provided. If you would prefer, you could type it instead.


OPTIONAL TASK - I know that lots of you enjoy writing your own stories, if you want to write your own version of the story from a different perspective (e.g. you could have Livia as the main character.) Write your own story and publish that instead. 


Send your completed work to us in your daily email.