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On the first day back, we had our Stone Age experience day: we watched some videos, talked about what is different between now and then and even wrote a letter back to our Stone Age selves!. We also talked about how we would be using the book, 'Stone Age Boy' by Satoshi Kitamura, to inspire our writing.


Well, today, we will be writing the first plot point of our adventure story - Plot Point 1.


You will need a pen, paper and the Plot Point 1 planning sheet: you can use the one from your pack or click on the link below. When you are ready, click the video below and follow along. 

Plot Point 1: Falling!


WALT: To write effective sentences for our adventure story.


Steps to success:

Use adjectives.

Use precise verbs.

Use repetition and feeling. 


Watch the introduction to this sequence and learning chunk 1 below. 

Introduction and Learning Chunk 1

When you are ready watch learning chunk 2.

Learning Chunk 2

When you are ready watch learning chunk 3.

Learning Chunk 3

When you have completed all of your writing, read through it and make sure you are happy with it. Check it for correct spellings and punctuation, now send me a copy! I can't wait to see it. smiley

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