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Our English lesson today is an Experience Day. This means, you will be looking at pictures, completing research and collecting vocabulary. smiley


Take a look at the picture below. This is a picture from the text, you will see that there are people sitting around the campfire. I would like you to look at the picture and jot down some ideas about what they would have eaten, how they would have cooked it, what utensils they may have used?

Take a look at the next picture, this is also from the book. For this activity I would like you to have a think about what the people are doing. Jot down some ideas about how you think Stone Age people spent their days. When you have done that, complete some independent research and add to your notes. 
Click on the link below, this will take you to a BBC Bitesize page that may help you with your research. 
Below are some additional websites that you may like to visit. 
I look forward to seeing some of your ideas later. smiley