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In today's lesson we are going to look back at the writing we have been doing over the last few weeks. On this occasion, we are not going to be completing an independent write. You job is to read the work you have completed - your sentence stackers - and edit them. 


Your first edit is an E1 edit: 

These are the “little” adjustments or changes. When you read your work look for any incorrect spellings, extra or missed words and any missing punctuation.  


Your second edit is an E2 edit:

While you are reading your work you may find sentences that need rewriting because they don't make sense or you decide you could make them better with a change of vocabulary choice. 


Your third (and final) edit is an E3 edit: 

This is when you want to add more sentences to develop an idea further. You can choose to rewrite the section or add an editing flap - an extra piece of paper that you stick onto your writing to show where the additional sentence has been added to your work.


Remember, we were just starting to edit our work in this way, so don't worry about it, just give it a go. smiley


When you have completed your editing it would great if you could 'publish' your work on one sheet of paper. Remember, try to keep your work in paragraphs where appropriate. I have uploaded the completed teacher model to help you with this.


Look forward to seeing your work later. heart 

As promised, click on the link below to hear the full story. smiley

Stone Age Boy by Satoshi Kitamura