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Can you imagine sleeping through the whole of Christmas and not knowing what Christmas is? When the glistening leaves fall off the trees, lots of animals go to bed and dream. The sun goes on holiday, the plants freeze like statues and the trees grow icicles on their bony branches.


Winter is Present

The ponds have turned to ice, the trees are dying and the plants are drowning in the snow. No jumping spiders in the forest, no dormice scrambling up the trees and no earthworms wriggling around.


Where Have all the Animals Gone?

It may seem like these creatures have vanished, but they are still there: safe, snuggly and settled. They are merely hibernating.


What Does Hibernation Mean?

You may think that hibernating is just sleeping but, it's life or death for some animals. Hibernation helps the animals survive throughout the bleakest, dullest, coldest time of year.

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💨 Winter Storm with Icy Howling Wind Sounds