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Today, we have time to edit our writing. 


Look back at all of the work you have done during our sentence stacking lessons on The BFG and follow the steps below to edit your work. Remember this sequence is a little different as you will hopefully have used some gobblefunked words and written in the style of the BFG. E.g. I is…


E1 Edit: The Revise


First, check all of your work to ensure that all of the spellings (of non gobblefunked words) are accurate.  (Our spelling lists are attached below)

Next, check for any missed or additional words.

Now, make sure that all of your punctuation is correct especially basic sentence punctuation.



at breaktime when the fizz-whizzer blows we is all gowing out into the playgrownd


At break time, when the fizz-whizzer blows, we is all going out into the playground.


E2 Edit: The Rewrite


A rewrite is needed if a sentence doesn't make sense, could be restructured or generally improved.


e.g. The golden gates.


The gates! Glistenscrumpling, golden gates as shiny as the Queen’s crown.


E3 Edit: The Reimagine


This is your chance to add more sentences to develop an idea further. If you remember, when we do this in school, we use editing flaps. Remember, you can use this opportunity to make sure that you have written in the same way as The BFG would talk. You need to be writing in the first person and the present tense.


e.g. The teacher got out of the car.


I is hopping out of the smart, sparkling lizo and picking up my bags when a diddly robot pops along, scoopsies them out of my hands and carries them inside.


Once you are happy with your work, publish it during tomorrow’s lesson using the paper provided. If you would prefer, you could type it instead.


OPTIONAL TASK - I know that lots of you enjoy writing your own narratives, if you want to write your own version of a dream use the time today to follow the guidance in the sentence stacker lessons to ensure that you include all of the elements that we talked about.


Send your completed work to us in your daily email.