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Today we are starting our new text and a new writing sequence. I have uploaded a picture of the front cover of the book. I would like you to look at it and then fill out the information grid with the things that you know about the book, things you think you know about the book, things you would like to know about the book and what you predict the happens in the story. You may recognise these grids as we have used them before. 


If you do not have a pack with a grid in do not worry, you can click on the link and draw a grid on a piece of paper. smiley

When you have completed that activity, I have uploaded a word search for you to have a go at. The words are in the text, but I don't think they will give too much away about the story. smiley
Below is a link to the author - Oliver Jeffers - teaching you how to draw. The illustrations he is teaching you are characters from another of his books. I know how much you all love art, I hope you enjoy. 

Oliver Jeffers - Learn How to Draw

I look forward to seeing your work later. smiley