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Today we will be writing the second plot point of our new story - Plot Point 2. 


You will need a pen, paper and a plot point thinking side: you can use the one from your pack, click on the link below or draw one for yourself. 


Plot Point 2: Devouring books.                 Devouring means eating something hungrily or quickly.


WALT: To write effective sentences for our humorous story.


Steps to success:

Use a alliteration.

Use a simile.

Use an action to show feelings. 


I have uploaded the presentation to help. When you are ready click the link for learning chunk 1 below. 

Plot Point 2 Learning Chunk 1

Plot Point 2 Learning Chunk 2

Use the Colour Thesaurus and focus on the red section for our vocabulary.

Plot Point 2 Learning Chunk 3

I look forward to seeing your writing later. smiley