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Good morning Year 2!

Today is our third and final experience day for this story. Start today's lesson by listening to this story called 'Here We Are - Notes for Living on Planet Earth' by Oliver Jeffers. You could read along with the text if you would like to.

Here We Are

Click below to find out what I'd like you to do today.

03.02.21 - Experience Day 3

You are going to write a poem all about you, and the members of your family, and your star qualities - what makes you special.  


Your poem will start with these lines which you need to write in your book:


We are all stars,

We are all made from stardust,

We all have star qualities...


You then need to write a line about you, like this:


Mrs Rees is a star because she loves and cares deeply about every single person in her class.


Follow this with a line for each member of your family. If I was writing about the grown ups in our class, mine would look like this:


Mrs Bromley is a star because she is a kind and caring friend who always listens.

Mrs Williams is a star because she is cheerful and full of fun.

Mr Quin is a star because he is funny and kind.


When you have finished writing a line for each member of your family, you can end your poem with this line:


We can all shine bright in our universe.


When you send in your work today, I'm going to take the line that you have written about you and put it together with everybody else's to create our collaborative class poem which I will post on the website for you all to see. I can't wait to share it with you!