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Reading and English

For today's learning, we are going to be using the story of The Paper Bag Princess to help us to look at noun phrases. We called them extended noun phrases at school and you were great at using them in your writing. 

First of all, have a look at this video to remind yourself all about nouns, adjectives and verbs.

Here are the link to today's learning and the teaching powerpoint that goes with it. The document gives you two links to the story of The Paper Bag Princess but I much prefer the one in the youtube link that I've provided below. You can listen to the story being read and follow the text on the screen or turn the volume down on the device that you are using and have a go at reading it yourself.

Paper Bag Princess Read Aloud

As always, it is not necessary to print out the sheets. You can discuss the grammar part with an adult and do the writing on a piece of paper or in your home learning book.