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In our lessons this week you will writing independently. You will be writing your version of 'The Incredible Book Eating Boy'. Today is our planning day and there are a number of activities that you will need to complete to prepare for your writing tomorrow. Any of the sheets that you need are in the work packs, but they are also uploaded below. 


Read your writing from the last few weeks. You may wish to share this with a grown up, you have written a lot of words. smiley

Task 1

Take a look at the picture below. I have plotted out how Henry feels throughout the book - his emotions at each plot point. You have a copy of mine in your pack and you also have a blank one. See if you agree with mine. You may think differently which is absolutely fine, if you do you can change it. Remember, these are the emotions that your character will also feel throughout your story at the same plot points.  


Task 2

Think about your character and what you are going to write about. 


For each Plot Point you will need to make choices, your first decision is if they are a boy or a girl. smiley

  • What are they going to eat? 
  • What is their favourite type? Favourite colour, favourite taste, favourite smell. 
  • What will they become good at? How does it all start to go wrong?
  • How will your show your reader that your character is feeling unwell? Show not tell sentence. 
  • What silly questions are they asking? Link them to what has been eaten. 
  • What is their illness? (Nonsense word) Link it to what has been eaten. 
  • How will they be cured (Nonsense word) Link it to what has been eaten. 
  • How does your character change for the better?


Record your choices in the planning grid. I have uploaded a blank grid and my completed grid to support you. You can magpie some ideas from mine if you really need to, but I would very much like to see your ideas where possible.   

I am so excited for our writing this week. I look forward to seeing your ideas later. smiley