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We are going to use the structure and some themes from the adapted version of Maya Angelou’s ‘Still, I Rise’ poem to write a poem about being strong and triumphing over bullying.


First watch this clip about being bullied. You may find this clip upsetting. If you do, talk through your feelings with an adult.

Now, spend a few minutes thinking about how bullying affects others.


Next, watch this clip, ‘From Bully to Best Friend about a girl who found a way to make the bullying stop.

Also watch this clip about building confidence and self-esteem after bullying.

Now, create a poster of the things that you can do to help build your confidence if you have been bullied.


Finally, collect words that rhyme with ‘rise’.

e.g. lies, skies, apologise, capsize, replies, sunrise.


How many rhyming words did you find?


Please send your work to us as part of your daily email.