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Today, we are starting a new English sequence. It is a poetry sequence and is based on the poem; Still I rise by Maya Angelou.


Start by listening to me read the poem.

Still I Rise.mp3

Now read the poem yourself.

What do you notice about the poem?

How are the verses put together?

What is the poem about?

How is the poet feeling in each verse of the poem?

Now look at this document to find out which symbols are used for poetry and what these symbols mean.

Once you have looked at the document, reread the poem and see if you add the symbols for comparison, direction, hurtful, question and negative to positive to it. Where do you think they fit?


Check your ideas against this annotated version.

Now, look at the poetry journey map. Think again about the poet’s highs and lows during the poem and add these to the journey map.

Finish by reading the poem a few more times so that you are confident reading it aloud.


When you are done, send your work to us as part of your daily email.