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Today, we start our new text and our next piece of writing. We are moving away from narrative for now and will be writing a non-fiction piece.


Watch the BBC video below, it is only a few minutes long, but it will explain the difference between fiction and non-fiction. DO NOT do any of the tasks on the BBC link, our lesson is below. 

We have written a non-fiction text before. You may remember when we wrote about making the bird feeder and mummification - these were both instructional texts. In our non-fiction writing this time, we will be focusing on the skills required for a persuasive text - we will be writing holiday brochures.


Watch the video below, I will be introducing you to the new set of shapes that we will be using. smiley

Experience Day - Find the shapes.

Now we have talked about the shapes and you have heard the text read through once, it is time to identify where the shapes fit. In your pack for this week, and uploaded below, are the shapes and the text.


Read through the text yourself. When you have identified which part is which, place the relevant shape in its correct place. When you have finished, open the link to the completed sheet and check that you are correct. Change any that need changing before gluing them in place. smiley 


I look forward to seeing your finished work later.