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As you know, our sequence this term is non-fiction and we are writing a holiday brochure. We are going to be writing about a place called 'Skara Brae' and trying to persuade people to visit. Some of you may already know a lot of information about this place, if not do not worry, we are going to be completing research this lesson. 


Take a look at the websites below. While you are reading, watching or listening, I would you to make notes that you can use for your holiday brochure. You are specifically looking for the following information:

  • Where is Skara Brae and when would people have lived there? (Map and timeline below will help)
  • How would life then be different to life now? 
  • How would the villagers of Skara Brae have spent their days? What activities would they have done?
  • If you were to visited now, jot down a list of activities you might like to complete while you were there.  
  • Draw a labelled diagram of the settlement and the interior of one of the homes. 
  • Write down anything else that you think may be interesting for a visitor to know.  
The websites below will help with your research:

Life in the New Stone Age | The Story of Britain | BBC Teach

Skara Brae | Neolithic Origins in Ancient Orkney 3180 BC | Megalithomania

I look forward to seeing your notes later. smiley