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Today we will be writing the first section of our holiday brochure - Section 1. Take a look at the Non-fiction Map below and track where we are. 


Purpose - inform and persuade    Audience - people looking for a holiday


You will need a pen, paper and a thinking side set up in your book: you can use the one from your pack, click on the link below or draw one for yourself. 


Section 1: Heading/ Question/ Direct address.


WALT: To write effective sentences for a persuasive holiday brochure.


Steps to success:

Use a pun/rhyme for your title.

Use a rhetorical question to hook the reader.

Use direct address. 


When you are ready, watch the holiday advertisement below. Listen carefully to the words in the song and how rhyme has been used to get the audience's attention. 

First Choice advert. 2018. Go Mahoosive! Rap.

When you are ready, start at Learning Chunk 1.

Section 1 - Learning Chunk 1

Section 1 - Learning Chunk 2

Section 1 - Learning Chunk 3

Read back through your work and make sure you are happy with it. When you are ready send a photo in, I look forward to seeing your work later. smiley