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For this lesson, look carefully at these pages from the book.

They start with the words:

‘It was a trap! A loud roar erupted from the forest as the most terrifying creatures appeared.’


And finish with:

‘Arthur looked on feeling impossibly small and helpless… and then he saw the beast right behind him! In fear, Arthur ran as fast as he could into the forest to hide.’


In between the sentences is an incredible battle scene. Your task today is to describe the scene.


If you are unsure how to start a setting description, follow the link below.

Then, start to plan your writing by looking through these lenses.

What do you notice, hear, feel, touch, smell?


Now think about if you can add extra detail or engage the reader by using these lenses.

Before you start to write your ideas, think about how you are going to structure your sentences using these lenses.
Remember, to structure your writing into paragraphs. I look forward to seeing your work later. smiley