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Today we will be writing the third section of our holiday brochure - Section 3. Take a look at the Non-fiction Map below and track where we are. 


Purpose - inform and persuade    Audience - people looking for a holiday

You will need a pen, paper and a thinking side set up in your book: you can use the one from your pack, click on the link below or draw one for yourself. 


Section 3: Subheading/ Amenities - Zoom in. 


WALT: To write effective sentences for a persuasive holiday brochure.


Steps to success:

Use imperative verbs - power of three.

Use alliteration.

Use adjectives to describe benefits. 

When you are ready, start at Learning Chunk 1.

Section 3 - Learning Chunk 1

Provided subheading and sentence


Home stone home


Offering the Orkney Islands' first fully-permanent family abode...

Section 3 - Learning Chunk 2

Section 3 - Learning Chunk 3

Burning Fireplace with Crackling Fire Sounds (Full HD)

Read back through your work and make sure you are happy with it. When you are ready send a photo in, I look forward to seeing your work later.smiley