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At 3pm, on Friday 8th May 1945, Winston Churchill, the Prime Minster at the time, made an announcement to say the war in Europe had come to an end. Listen to Churchill's speech by clicking the link below. 

  • What do you notice about how it is delivered?
  • How does he sound?
  • How do you think he was feeling? What makes you think that?

You will find a link to a transcript of the speech below, can you practice reading and performing the speech? Maybe you could record yourself and listen back to it, how do you sound? 


If you were Prime Minister what would you like to announce?  Your challenge is to write your own version of a speech as if you were Winston Churchill at the time. Have a look at the text, what can you magpie into your writing?


Have fun with it and I look forward seeing your speeches uploaded on to the blog. smiley

Winston Churchill's VE Day text.