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Today we are looking at the text and starting our own story.


Learning Objective: To write effective sentences for our story.


Steps to Success: Short sentences/ Repetition, Noun phrase, Simile


Learning Chunk 1


Listen to the music below and look at the picture as you listen. Think about the Iron man standing there and listen to the tune develop and change.

Musical piece by Thomas Newman

If I was describing this scene, I could write:

The Iron Man waited.

The Iron Man waited majestically.

The Iron Man waited majestically but alone.

I added more information in each time to deepen the moment.


Have a go at writing a simple phrase e.g. The Iron man stood.

Then add more detail e.g. The Iron man stood still.

Add another piece of information for effect e.g. The Iron man stood still and alone.



Learning Chunk 2


Look at the video below without the sound and watch the birds move in the sky.

Birds circling in the Sky.

Gather precise verbs to describe what you see.

e.g. circling, swooping, gathering, gliding, diving, flapping, hovering.


Look at the colour thesaurus below for blue and pick some of your favourites.


Collect other adjectives for the sky e.g. mysterious, clear, bright, dull.


Now use the vocabulary to create an expanded noun phrase. Here is mine: He saw birds circling in the misty, sapphire sky.

I have used a precise verb - circling

I have used an adjective to describe the sky - misty

I have used a synonym for blue - sapphire


Have a go at your own sentence.

Learning Chunk 3


Have a look at the picture below and think about how big all of these things are. 

We can use a scale to organise  ‘big’ synonyms (low to high intensity) – bulky, large, huge, enormous, gigantic, colossal.

Pic one of the pictures and think of two adjectives to describe it – e.g. Eiffel Tower (vast, looming).

Use your vocabulary to write a simile showing just how big the Iron man was.


Remember to use 'like' or 'as'.


Here is mine: The Iron Man was as colossal as an imposing, illuminated skyscraper.


Email your work to the class email when you have edited and reviewed your sentences.