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Today we will be looking at the opening to the text and writing our own opening paragraph.


Learning Objective: To write effective sentences for our story.


Steps to Success: Questions, Noun phrase, Noun phrase.


Learning Chunk 1


Listen to the video of the opening of the text. Imagine the scene and listen to the descriptive language used.

The Iron Man - Chapter 1 by Ted Hughes

Did you notice the repeated reply structure?

Here are some other possible replies – time would tell; it was a mystery; only he knew.

Generate some of your own possible questions with a repeated answer.


Here is mine: 

Where was he going? The answer was unclear.

What was he capable of? The answer was unclear.

Why was he there? The answer was unclear.


See if you can write three questions with a repeated answer.

Learning Chunk 2


Gather a bank of adjectives for the Iron Man’s eyes – white, big, bright, huge, white, deep, haunting.


Next, collect verbs for his eyes – bulging, peering, observing, glaring, staring.


Use these to write your own sentence describing his eyes. Here is mine: His eyes beamed out in the night – white, big, searching.

Learning Chunk 3


Assemble vocabulary for his arms or legs – long, metal, rusty, shiny.


Collect verbs for his limbs – reaching, stretching, dangling, clanking, creaking, squeaking.


Write a sentence using the vocabulary you have collected. Here is mine: His arms reached up to the clouds – long, metal, stretching.