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Learning Objective: To write effective sentences for our story.

Steps to Success: Complex sentence & alliteration, Noun phrase, Noun phrase.


Learning Chunk 1


Re-enact the Iron Man walking into the sea and pair alliterative verbs and adverbs to describe his manner – tiptoeing tentatively, walking warily, creeping cautiously.


Use an alliterative verb + adverb to open your complex sentence.


Here is my example: Sneaking silently into the sea, the Iron Man wanted to find out more.

Learning Chunk 2


Look at the picture below. Think about all the things you might see if you were looking out at the sea. Make a list of the things you might spot.

Think about what the Iron Man might see as he looks out at the sea (waves, seaweed, fish, foam etc.) and gather associated adjectives – waves (strong, cyclical, mighty); seaweed (slimy, slippery, stringy, mangled); fish (colourful, shimmery, scaly); foam (bubbly, white, frothy, iridescent). 

Gather verbs for the movements of these aspects – waves (ebbing, flowing, churning, splashing); seaweed (floating, sprawling, drifting); fish (darting, stalking); foam (frothing, bubbling, pooling).


Here is my model: He was carried forward by the waves; big, bold, crashing. He noticed fish jumping in front of him; colourful, shimmery, splashing. His body was covered in foam; bubbly, frothy, churning.


Follow the model, using two adjectives and one verb in final position for each aspect.

Learning Chunk 3


Watch the clip below and collect vocabulary for aspects under the sea.

The Little Mermaid - Under the Sea (from The Little Mermaid) (Official Video)

Here are the ones I collected – coral, plant, sand, shoal, anemones, plankton, crabs, shells, pebbles, rocks, seahorses, starfish.

Next, gather descriptive vocabulary for these aspects – multi-coloured, delicate, bobbing, swaying.


Open your first sentence with As/ While/Whilst and describe three underwater aspects using expanded noun phrases.


Here is my example: As his head was pulled under, he was mesmerised by the synchronised movements of the huge shoals of fish. He marvelled at the colourful huddles of delicate seahorses and the beautiful carpet of shimmering shells.


Write your own sentences and send them in to the class email -