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Learning Objective:
To write effective sentences for our story.
Steps to Success:
Sounds/ Repetition
Complex sentence (relative clause)


Learning Chunk 1


Listen to the video of Hogarth entering the woods (without watching the clip) and make jottings about all
the noises – footsteps, owls hooting, twigs snapping, branches creaking.


Can you add any extras from your imagination?

Now watch the clip, with visuals. 

Gather a bank of ‘looking’ verbs and adverbs – watched, looked, stared, studied, quietly, silently, intently.


Replicate the sequence used to introduce the Iron Man at the beginning of the story.


Here is my example: Hogarth watched. Hogarth watched anxiously. Hogarth watched anxiously but intently. He
heard the leaves rustling nearby, twigs snapping under his feet and the wind whipping against the branches.

The boy ran to the woods to look for the iron giant

Learning Chunk 2


List animal/creature sounds in a woodland – owls hooting, foxes screaming, hedgehogs grunting, rabbits thumping, bats flapping, birds squawking.
Now gather a bank of general sounds that are loud – aeroplanes, thunder, trains, drums, horns, class of children.


Compare one of the animal sounds to something loud, adding extra description.

My example: The hoot of an owl was as loud as a high-speed train, blasting its horn before rattling through a tunnel.

Learning Chunk 3


Look at the simple sentence…Hogarth
looked into the distance.

On large pieces of paper, write the sentence out. Put 2 commas in (to show that a relative clause can be inserted after the word ‘Hogarth’).


Add some relative clauses to the physical sentence – whose heart was pounding; who was terrified; who was breathing heavily; whose brows were clammy).


Use a relative clause to reveal Hogarth’s thoughts/feelings about the scary situation.


Here is my example: Hogarth, who was now regretting his decision, looked into the distance.