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Learning Objective:

To write effective sentences for our story.

Steps to Success:

Noticing (dark)
Noticing (light)
Adverbial phrases - prepositions


Learning Chunk 1


Think back to the words you collected on the experience day. Look back at the pictures and listen to the sounds again.


Refer back to the adjectives and collect verbs for the actions of a mist/fog coming down –
smothered, descended, gripped, enveloped, suffocated, saturated.


Compose three sentences with dark/spooky adjectives and precise verbs for the fog descending.


Teacher model: A dark mist descended. A grey gloom suffocated. A spooky fog enveloped.


Learning Chunk 2


Noticing (light)
• Collect a bank of verbs for Hogarth’s torch action – illuminated, revealed, highlighted, lit up.
• Gather a bank of sights from the forest floor – grass, moss, branches, roots, stumps.
• Now list some of the sights in the upper range – canopy, moon, stars.


Describe three aspects of the forest environment that his torch illuminated.


Teacher model: His torch illuminated gnarled tree roots. It lit up tangled, empty nests. It exposed breaks in
the canopy.


Learning Chunk 3


Adverbial phrases

• Assemble a bank of prepositions – next to, above, behind, beneath, beside, against.
• Share photographs of woodland creatures.
• Gather ideas about the animal movements.


Open three sentences with prepositions, using precise verbs for the creatures’ actions.


Teacher model: Behind the oak tree, a squirrel scurried with it's acorns. Above the clearing, a bat swooped silently. Under the leaves, a hedgehog was busy building a home.


When you have read and reviewed your sentences, send them in to the class email -