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Start by gathering adjectives to describe the upper canopy of the rainforest.

e.g. luscious, verdant, shady, steamy, mysterious, lush, emerald.


Then gather a bank of prepositions to use with powerful phrases.

e.g. laden branches, tangled leaves, drooping vines, towering treetops.


Now use an expanded noun phrase as a story opener.

e.g. Jelly's eyes got lost in the enchanting, colourful rainforest canopy, which was crawling with elaborate insect highways.


Next, use a colour thesaurus to compile a list of green items.

Now think about how you can add detail to chosen item.

e.g. a lizard's twitching tail


Create your own detailed 'green' simile.

e.g. The treetops were as green as tree frogs' knees.


Now create a bank of powerful verbs.

e.g. buzzed, teemed, danced, fluttered, scampered


Finally, use repetition for effect.

e.g. The canopy was majestic. The canopy was majestic and beautiful. Majestic, beautiful and drenched in wildlife.