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Think of adjectives to describe rainforest animals.

e.g. tawny, speckled, mocha, ombre, flecked, camouflaged, prehistoric, scaly.


Create a noticing sentence, including at least one animal that you would see on the rainforest floor.

e.g. Jelly squinted closely at the screen, straining to see the tawny, speckled jaguar camouflaged in the undergrowth.


List 'ing' verbs to describe the animals' movements.

e.g. dancing, weaving, wriggled, bursting, scampering, slinking, skittering, sneaking, lurking, scuttling, scurrying.


Build a sentence including animal movements.

e.g. Looking closely, a chameleon emerged dancing along the forest floor, weaving amongst the leaves and tree roots.


Generate a list of touchable items and imagine how they might feel.

e.g. moss, mud, stream, roots, branches, webs.


Explore positive adjectives.

e.g. dew-laden, soft.


Develop an imaginative sentence using positive adjectives.

e.g. Jelly imagined herself skipping happily through the carpet of springy, emerald moss and swinging on the dangling vines.