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Today's lesson is looking at another poem, but it is a poem that is steeped in history, which I think you will find very interesting. Start by reading 'Willow Pattern' by Tony Mitton, when you have finished work your way through the activities. Remember, you can share the reading or get someone at home to read it to you. 

'Willow Pattern' by Tony Mitton.

The activity sheet links to the following videos, so you can access them via there or the links below. 

Tony Mitton's Willow Pattern

A sample reading of Willow Pattern, a poem by Tony Mitton. The photo of the willow plate is from devseiyastock (

The Willow Pattern Story

A beautiful princess an evil suitor, and the hapless palace guard - all feature in this charming re-telling of the classic story, depicted on Willow pattern ...

The Willow Pattern (English)

The story of the Willow Pattern. Produced for the Potteries Museum & Art Gallery. Supported by the Art Fund.

I look forward to reading your versions of the story later. smiley