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English - Sentence Stacker Working Wall

Plot Point 1


My Amazable Fizz-Lighting Smeacher Dream (AH)


As the sun rose one increditic morning, I is waking to a tweeting bird in the trees. Through the gap in the curtains, the sun shone red like fire. (GP) Trottling over to my window, I is surprised to see that there is a lizoeeny outside with a friendly looking yofa sat in the front waving willingly and telling me to hop in. (CH)


Plot Point 2


Once I is in the lizoneen, he is bringing me through the streets like a Poochie and when I is arriving at the school all people is gobsmacked. I does not understand. (EB)  The gates! As golden-ating as the shining sun. (AAm) I is skipping out of the smart shimmering lizo gathering up my bags when a diddly robot pops along, scoopsises them out of my hands and carries them inside. (ER)


Plot Point 3


I step into the classgroom, there are four rows of chidle didle humans beans. They are sat like four rows of flowers near a fluttering pond. (IL)  They is in green blazes, like large snucumbers. (LHG)

"Err, Good Morning. Could you take out your..." (EW) Before I is even opening my mouth, they is reading their books alls whiskering and prefect without me is having to utter a single wordage. (MJ)