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English - Sentence Stacker Working Wall

Plot Point 1


My Amazable Fizz-Lighting Smeacher Dream (AH)


As the sun rose one increditic morning, I is waking to a tweeting bird in the trees. Through the gap in the curtains, the sun shone red like fire. (GP) Trottling over to my window, I is surprised to see that there is a lizoeeny outside with a friendly looking yofa sat in the front waving willingly and telling me to hop in. (CH)


Plot Point 2a


Once I is in the lizoneen, he is bringing me through the streets like a Poochie and when I is arriving at the school all people is gobsmacked. I does not understand. (EB)  The gates! As golden-ating as the shining sun. (AAm) I is skipping out of the smart shimmering lizo gathering up my bags when a diddly robot pops along, scoopsises them out of my hands and carries them inside. (ER)


Plot Point 2b


I step into the classgroom, there are four rows of chidle didle humans beans. They are sat like four rows of flowers near a fluttering pond. (IL)  They is in green blazes, like large snucumbers. (LHG)

"Err, Good Morning. Could you take out your..." (EW) Before I is even opening my mouth, they is reading their books alls whiskering and prefect without me is having to utter a single wordage. (MJ)


Plot Point 3


I is getting on the hugest, comfiest and grandest cofer I is ever sitting on. (AB) It's soft velvet is like sitting in a bath of candy floss. (LW) On the long table, there was the most scrumptious hot chocolate in the world. At the bottom there was hot chocolate, then whipped cream, then lots of mini marshmellows, chocolate powder and FOUR flakes. (EW)


Plot Point 4


At playtime when the listen-houterblows, we is all going out into the playground. (GP) To my bewilderment, the playground is soft and sandy between our toes and the cooling breeze is blowing our faces and our hair. The calming sea is covering up the sand and alls the chiddlers are building sandcastles. (AAg) The sand's incandescence captures our curiousity. (ER)


Plot Point 5


We is licking the ice cream like we is never licked before. I has scrumptious strawberry, bubblicious bubblegum and charming chocolate. I is in ice cream paradise. (EB) The ice creamies had so much   flavour-axaie that was tingle-whopping on my tongue. Slowly, I is gulping it down. I is relaxing, chilling, dreaming... (AAm) And then I is waking up to a squealing voice in my face, 

"Miss, I did not do my homework because the cat and the dog had a ..." (LHG)