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Escape From Pompeii


Plot Point 1


On top of the pebbly, stone path, the city of Pompeii glittered in the hot sunshine. (CH) From his window, Tranio listened to the voices of the people, horses trotting and the festive music of the Romans. (AAm)

"What could spoil a day like today?" Tranio pondered. "Is anywhere better?" (LHG) He could see the mountain towering over the city as if it were one of the Emperor's guards. (EB)


Plot Point 2


After a delicious lunch of bread, cakes and fruit, he looked out of his window and wondered where to go next. (MJ) Tranio ambled through Pompeii's market, towards the busy harbour. (EB) Watching carefully, he knelt behind a sack of potatoes. (LHG) He saw wooden cargo boats sailing across the sea with large, clay, vases full of food and supplies. (JR)


Plot Point 3


As fast as a cheetah, Tranio sprinted through the town. (GP) Past houses and shops, around carriages. Soon he arrived to a welcoming smell of pastries, buns and fresh loaves of bread. (PR) Tranio, who was desperate to see Livia, raced towards her and hugged her tightly. When Livia saw Tranio, her eyes glimmered with excitement. (EW)


Plot Point 4


One hot, sunny day, Tranio ran down to the theatre where his dad acted. (SM) Settling down in the posh bleachers amongst the chattering impatient audience, he could see colourful clowns, silly stand-up comedians, mysterious magicians and dramatic dancers. (AAg)

Suddenly, everything changed! (AB)

Shaking with fear, Tranio was frightened to death. The ground wobbled and shook as the people ran for their lives. "Don't be scared, it is only a little shake." someone screamed as Tranio leapt towards the door. (CH)


Plot Point 5


"Livia, I'm here Livia!" called Tranio.

Choking, Livia replied, "In here, Tranio. What's wrong?" 

Grabbing hold of her hand, Tranio squealed. "Get up. We need to leave Pompeii!" (LHG)

They ran past mortified children, calming mothers and caring fathers, then leapt onto a small boat. (AW)

As the boat floated on top of the blue sea, they saw they saw ash darkness and people running for their lives. The ask was as smelly as a BBQ. The foul-smelling smoke burned the inside of Tranio's nose. (CH)


Plot Point 6


And then, it started...

Fire lifted into the grey sky, lightning flashed terrifyingly and a scent of burnt wood flew around. (AAm)

From far away, they could see the black clouds and dust coming faster towards them, the buildings were falling so quickly. (AH) Although, not only falling buildings were disturbing them. Their whole world was under severe danger. Tranio didn't remember where he was or what he was doing so Livia simply pointed to the lava streaming down their beloved mountain. Harsh smoke drifted far from the volcano straight towards their little, mini boat. (EB) The city was completely covered in huge, ghastly storm clouds and blazing lightning struck as the thunder rolled. Every house in the city was blanketed in ash and rock. (AAg) Holding each other tightly, Tranio and Livia sank back onto the boat. Would anyone eventually find them? (ER)