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Plot point 1

The most incredible thing happened to me. (MK) Skipping in the meadows...I suddenly went on a different path. (SO) I toppled over and started falling deeper, deeper, deeper. (OH)

Plot Point 2

When I opened my eyes, I appeared to be in a large cave. (PP) I could see in front of me a sunlit grass landscape. (OH) I stumbled towards it. Soon I realised I was lost. Entirely lost. Entirely, deeply lost. (MG)

Plot Point 3

Out of no where, I saw a person - who was that? (HT)  It was a girl who was wearing a tan cheetah skin that was made into a dress and a necklace made of creamy-coloured tusks and teeth. Her hair was ginger like a red fox's, scrabbled and dirty. (RL) She didn't look like any of the girls I knew. "Hi! I'm Robert," I stuttered. "Who are you?" The girl smiled and said "Om". (MG)

Plot Point 4

Om took me home to meet her family. They looked weird but they were nice and offered me nice things and food. (TB) We relaxed by the fire. Sizzle! Pop! Snap! (RL) I felt my mouth water at the thought of the fabulous fresh food, the sweet strawberries and the delicious deer. (HT)

Plot Point 5

As the sun rose, Om told me all about the camp. (EW) People busied themselves lighting fires to keep warm, making socks out of fur and scraping blood from deer skins. (MW-C) They let me try on a fur coat, it was brown and came from a deer. It was so soft, as soft as a feather. (KE)

Plot Point 7

As the sun was setting on the horizon, we spotted a reindeer foraging. (OH) Spears flying, people rushing, feet stomping, we caught the reindeer. (LS) How did they do that? I felt so lucky to see hunters in action.(PP) or   What an adventure! I felt like a superhero throwing my stick. (EW)

Plot Point 8

The following day, Om took me to a mysterious cave and taught me how to draw giant ground shakers, roaming beasts and all manor of cave dwelling creatures. (OH) While Om and me were drawing, I noticed a big black shadow moving. A big shadow. A large, gloomy shadow. An enormous, gigantic shadow. A bear! (HT) I shouted at Om to run. Then I stumbled and found myself falling down, down, down. When I awoke, I was back home. Searching in my pockets, I found a smooth necklace made of bone. (KE)


Thank you so  much for all of your hard work with our writing Year 3. There were so many awesome sentences sent in, I could have written our class version five times over! I am so excited for our next text. smiley


Miss Jheart