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Plot Point 1


Henry loved books. Henry loved to read books. Henry loved to read then eat books. Henry loved to just eat books. (Given) Henry loved to read books. Henry, who adored to secretly much on red books, couldn't hide it anymore. (MG) He enjoyed the salty taste of Ratburger, the creamy taste of The Day the Crayons Quit and the spicy taste of the Amber Fairy. (HT)  As Henry's Mum and Dad devoured spicy chilli, Henry secretly ate dishes of dictionaries, vessels of verbs and a glass of grammar under the table. (RL)

Plot Point 2


Henry loved eating all sorts of books, fun fiction, pretty poems and active adventure books. (MG) Henry's favourite book colour was red. He chose books as red as candy - hard, tasty and sweet. (M-WC) After devouring his favourite books, Henry smiled happily. (HT)

Plot Point 3

He was all ready a fast eater. He got faster and faster until he was the fastest in Britain. (RN) After awhile, he could do mum's chores, his dad's crosswords and his sister's homework. (MH) Ping! Whizz! Clank! His brain began to scramble. Crunch! Pop! Sizzle! His brain began to malfunction. (SO)

Plot Point 4

Henry's face started to transform. His flamingo colour drifted to a terrible green. (LB) It was as green as a slimy frog. (RN) Retch! Burp! Gurgle! Henry raced to the bathroom. Belch! Gurgle! Splat! (OH) A cacophony of sounds could be heard from the toilet. (Given)

Plot Point 5

Everything started to go wrong. (Given) "Do you like ice cubes in your cornflakes?" Henry asked Grandma. "Do you like salt on your toes? Do you like jam in your lemonade?" (FD) 

"Oh my goodness gracious," Mum sighed. (MM) Suddenly, Henry felt sheepish. (LS)

Plot Point 6

"I don't feel well. I can't help it. I shouldn't have done it," mumbled Henry. (RG) The doctor told Henry he had autobrainburnout. (KE) The hospital told Henry he needed a supermindspongerevesal to make him feel better. (OH)


Plot Point 7

Then, after awhile and almost by accident, something changed for Henry. (Given) On top of his bookshelf there was a scruffy, forgotten book. (MW-C) Instead of putting it in his mouth, Henry gently opened it. (IY) 'I love the idea of reading' thought Henry. (TB)