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Skara Brae - New Age holiday! (Provided)


Fancy travelling back in time to the Stone Age? (KE) Are you fed up of your daily routine? (OH) Sick of your daily chores? (TB) Skara Brae is a holiday-makers dream come true, with its picturesque views and something for all of the family. (RN) Section 1


Say hello to the Hi-ghlands! (Provided)

Skara Brae boasts endless skies and crystal blue waters. Set 10 miles of the tip of Scotland glistening like...a prize tool. (MG) Designed from the latest stone technology, Skara Brae is one of a kind with amazing scenery and fantastic amenities. (KE) Section 2



Home stone home (Provided)

Offering the Orkney Islands' first fully-permanent family abode...simply arrive, check in and kick back! (KE) Inside each stone sanctuary, you'll find a beautiful decorative dresser to store all of your beloved beads bracelets and belongings. (RN) Our centrally located hearths will provide you with glimmering lighting, convenient cooking and toasty heat. (LH) Section 3

Deluxe designed dwellings!

Embrace the cosy feel of our prized open-plan living spaces, built with first-class Midden - guaranteed to keep you dry and warm. (OH) Float away in our silkiest beds or indulge in one of our chocolate-brown fur bedspreads, with a big quilt to keep you warm. (MG)


Ease those spears!

With our own on-site farm, you can just sit back while your tender beef steak sizzles on our open fires. Dine on lemon-drizzled, freshly caught cod loins from our own freshwater loch. Tantalise you taste buds with a medley of hand-picked berries, topped with refreshing, home-made milk from our free-range goats. (Provided) Section 5

Ready for some family time? (Provided)

Whether it is milking the cows and sheep in the sunshine, or chopping wood for the popping fire, an array of adventures awaits you. (RN) If it's tranquillity you're looking for, gaze upon the Northern Lights twirling and prancing across the sky to relieve your tension and worries. (OH) While you relax, we'll keep the children entertained for you. Our Crazy kids Club guarantees exciting activities - body boarding on the sparkling sea, crabbing in the rocks pools and playing on our great adventure playground. (LH) Section 6


Revitalise, re-energize, rejuvenate.

We promise this will be the best holiday you have ever had. 


"I couldn't have imagined how amazing and unforgettable the views were from my stone home. The most perfect holiday I've ever had," Owen, stressed business man, Kidderminster.


Don't delay! Book now for an amazing stay. (OH and Miss J) Section 7