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English Working Wall

Plot point 1

The most incredible thing happened to me. (MK) Skipping in the meadows...I suddenly went on a different path. (SO) I toppled over and started falling deeper, deeper, deeper. (OH)

Plot Point 2

When I opened my eyes, I appeared to be in a large cave. (PP) I could see in front of me a sunlit grass landscape. (OH) I stumbled towards it. Soon I realised I was lost. Entirely lost. Entirely, deeply lost. (MG)

Plot Point 3

Out of no where, I saw a person - who was that? (HT)  It was a girl who was wearing a tan cheetah skin that was made into a dress and a necklace made of creamy-coloured tusks and teeth. Her hair was ginger like a red fox's, scrabbled and dirty. (RL) She didn't look like any of the girls I knew. "Hi! I'm Robert," I stuttered. "Who are you?" The girl smiled and said "Om". (MG)