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Hello or should I say hola. As you know we have now started to learn Spanish in KS2 (Years 3-6)


Here are some ideas for you to do at home.



For years 3-6 have a go at revising and learning some more Spanish while you are at home.

The site we use is  and you all have your log in details, click onto Spanish and then Beginners.There are lots of games and activities to support your learning.

Remember you can visit and click on songs and videos with the green (free) rectangle there are also worksheets/colouring you can download.



Find out information about famous Spanish artists, buildings, Flamenco dancing as well as islands, cities, food and drink and tourist areas.





Autumn Term


This term have been learning colours, numbers, asking our name and saying what our name is and pets.

You could also take a look at greetings ( Hello, Goodbye, Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening).


When on Linguascope (Beginners) always start at the introduction as this goes over the vocab you will need .

Then go to the games and enjoy!

Try BBC Bitesize KS2 Modern Foreign Languages (Spanish).


Click on 



All About Me

Food and Drink 

At School


There are some  video clips you can watch.