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Frequently Asked Questions


Here are some common questions we receive which may be of use to you:


What time does school begin and end?


The school day runs from 8:50AM to 3:15PM. Nursery children have the option of half a day (8:50-11:50AM or 12:15-3:15PM with additional lunch extensions available). Please note that drop-off and pick-up times may be affected by the COVID response. 




Which house is my child in?


In your transition packs, which have been posted to you, you will receive a slip of paper telling you which house your child is in. You can choose to wear your house colour for PE. 




How do I order uniform?


You can order school uniform from

Here is the direct link to the Cookley store:


Your child can wear a plain jumper/cardigan as long as it is purple. They can also wear a plain white or house colour tshirt for PE if you would prefer not to purchase an embroidered one. 


All items of uniform must be labelled. Even pants can go missing!




How do I order school dinners?


School dinners can be ordered through the school gateway. You will receive an email invitation to download and access the gateway once you have provided an email address to school through your admission packs.




Early Years uses Tapestry to record children's learning. How do I sign up and access this?


Again, once we have an email address on record for you, you will receive an email to support you with signing up for Tapestry. Once registered you can access Tapestry on your phone, laptop or tablet through the website or the app. Once registered, you can comment and upload the learning they do at home. We love to see this!




What clothing does my child require for Forest School?


Depending on the COVID situation, children will be able to access Forest School weekly. Nursery will have a Forest School session on a Friday morning and Reception on a Tuesday afternoon. Children should come to school in uniform/Nursery clothes and bring a large, sturdy bag for life with them containing their Forest School clothes (Forest School suit, wellies, socks, hat, gloves etc). We will support them to change in school.




What does my child need to bring with them each day?


Children need to bring a coat, labelled book bag (with book and reading diary) and a labelled drinks bottle each day. Please ensure all items are clearly labelled. 




We will continue to update this page as more questions are asked so keep checking it.