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Complete the arithmetic I gave you on Wednesday as a starter. If you already have, then go onto Tackling Tables or TT Rockstars fo 10-15 minutes. 

Main lesson: Perimeter and area.  Here's a fun YouTube video if you've forgotten which is which: (parents please oversee due to potential advertisements). Complete the resources linked below THEN I would like you to measure the perimeter and area of 3 rectangular objects in your house or garden, e.g. your dining table or TV. Ask your parents for a tape measure and round to the nearest cm if needed to calculate the area. 



Reading: Log into Reading Buddy and search for the book 'Invasive Species' by Jo Bourne. It dives into detail about particular species of plant and animal. I've found it to be a very interesting read cool I hope you do, too. Read this book today and over the weekend (it's nice to sit and read in the garden!), then answer the quiz questions.

Written task: Make sure you complete the reading task before starting this so you have a good understanding. Research 1 invasive animal and 1 invasive plant found in the UK (e.g. grey squirrels). Present your research how you wish (poster, factfile, written/typed).

Information to include:

  • Background information (e.g. date it arrived, where it came from)
  • How and why was it able to take over
  • Statistics (how many are in the UK)


Wider Curriculum / Foundation Subject - ART

WALT: recognise how visual language can be used to communicate personality and interests. 

Following this Kapow lesson, you are going to design your very own coat of arms. Watch the 2 videos below and find links to templates at the bottom of the page. It is VERY IMPORTANT that you complete a spider diagram of ideas before drawing. If you haven't got a printer, just draw your own coat of arms from scratch. Find a comfy spot to do this in your home or in the garden. Enjoy the sunshine while it's here laugh.


Remember to send in a picture of your finished piece! Don't rush, take your time. It doesn't have to be completed today. 


Kapow Videos

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Watch and listen carefully. You can use felt tips, crayons or paint.


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