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Today in English we are going to be doing some independent writing. This is writing where you can show what you can do without adult support ( e.g. telling you how to spell words or giving you ideas to write about). The adults can help you form your sentence by asking what you are going to write about and how you are going to put those ideas into a sentence.


We are going to be writing a postcard pretending to be Syd. You will be writing as Syd to Syd's parents who are back at home and will be telling them about all the amazing things you and Grandad have been up to on the island.


Brain storming time:

Think back to what we have talked about on the island - Grandad and Syd exploring the island, how colourful the island has been, the areas of the island (beach, jungle and waterfall), what the birds have been doing and describing the other animals in the jungle. 


Using the template below you are going to write a postcard. Don't forget you are pretending to be Syd so you will be using the pronoun 'I'. 


Your postcard must start with 'Dear Mum and Dad' and end with 'Love from Syd'.

Paul Willmott zoom assembly - 11am

As part of the Bible story I will ask,  “What do you think will happen next?" I will ask each class to take a quick vote, then respond by holding up numbered cards. For the voting could each class teacher have numbered cards ready to hold up close to the webcam. We only need 3 cards, numbered '1', '3', and ‘5'. 


461 843 3733


Spelling test


We will be doing our spelling test in school and I want you to have a go too.


The spellings you are being tested on from last weeks homework are:







Forest School 


In Forest school today we are going to make a waterproof shelter. The shelter must keep you dry. Consider what materials are best to use. You could always test the materials to see which ones are waterproof.


if you can not make a shelter, you can test the materials and draw the shelter you would create.