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Todays Activity

Todays maths activity is about comparing number sentences.

Watch the video below to find out more:

Challenge (non-optional)

Today you will further your knowledge of comparing statements. Watch the video below:





Watch the video below to recap you Phase 3 sounds don't forget to say them along with the video).


Log into Phonics Play- User name: cookleyphonics Password: Cookley2020


Select resources, then select Phase 3, then select Flash Cards Speed Trial and see how fast you can name all the Phase 3 sounds.


Now select the game Picnic on Pluto and then select Set 1-7 ( the top left box). You have to sort the words into real or fake.



Today we are going to recap on two-syllable words. Look at the words in the PowerPoint below:


If the link does not open, right-click and select open in a new tab.


Now it is time to thikn of your own two-syllable words. How many can you think of? Wrote a list of two-syllable words. Challenge: Can you think of any three- syllable words? If you are finding this task tricky why not try thinking of one-syllable words first.


Write 3 sentences including two-syllable words that you have thought of. 


Today is our last day on the story 'The Magic Paintbrush'. Today you will be thinking about past tense verbs.

Outdoor Learning

Normally you would have Forest School today and I thought it would be nice if you could still participate in Forest School but from home. As part of your Forest School today, I would like you to look for signs of Winter. You will need to explore the environment around you. Don't forget to wrap up warm! 

Here is a Winter Checklist to give you clues and help focus your Winter signs hunt (you do not need to print the checklist unless you want to).