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English: Demon Dentist

In this lesson, you will explore the main characters in the text in more detail. The main focus is on Miss Root, the new dentist, and the impression of her that you get as you read about her actions and the way in which the previous dentist died. You will look closely at the author's choice of language and characterisation.

Follow this link and engage with the video: 


Short written task: Using what you know of Miss Root so far from the text and the image above, write a short character description about her (3-4 sentences). It will be very different to the one you did for Alfie! Obviously you will be using the 'looking lense' to describe her appearance, but you want to reflect her personality in your description also. It doesn't matter if you make some small things up - as long as you stick to the image above and the 'villain' persona she has. 

  • Who is Miss Root?
  • Appearance: describe her build, clothing (including shoes), eyes, nose, mouth (lips and smile), hair and nails.
  • Her personality can be described by her actions and how she does things, e.g. a thin, shark-like smile, tapping her claw-like nails intently.
  • Remember to mention her cat! 



Maths: Negative Numbers

We have already touched upon negative numbers in class, so today should mostly be revision and application. 

First, to familiarise yourself, watch this video:


Next, complete either the first page or the second page of the document below. The second page is slightly harder than the first. 

Next, it's time to use negative numbers in different contexts, so the document below is based upon reading temperatures on thermometers. 



Science: Properties and changes of materials

Unfortunately, we did not get to launch this Science unit at school. As the name suggests, you are going to need to find some 'materials' at home, which is easy to do because everything is made out of something. 


Using your prior knowledge and your general knowledge, first you need to match key properties of materials to their definitions. You can write them out on paper or cut and stick. If you find any too difficult, research them online. Open the document below:


Next, I need you to find 5 different materials which you can hold. One object, e.g. a frying pan, could be made from 2 different materials (plastic and metal) which can both be used in your test. Go get your objects now. 


Answer (verbally) each question below for each object. 


Testing Materials

To find out which properties a material has, they have to be tested. You are going to test the 5 materials you have to find their properties. 


You will test for:

• magnetism (if you have a magnet handy)
• hardness
• transparency
• flexibility
• permeability


Tests and results: 

Below are the details of how to test your materials and the table to input your results into (you can draw this).