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Once the game has opened click on the game to make it full screen. Once the game is full screen, select what level you like (you may want to start with an easy level to begin with). Then select addition and in the choose category select missing numbers. You can play missing numbers to 10, missing numbers to 20 or 1 digit missing numbers. You don't have to do all the categories. Write your answer in your book and mark your answers at the end.

Today's Activity

Watch the video below to re cap odd and even numbers:


Just like the video explained even numbers end in


0   2   4   6   8   


and odd numbers end in 


1   3   5   7   9


We also know if a number is odd or even by sharing. If you can share the number equally between 2 people then it is an even. If the groups are not equal, then it is an odd number.


Now have a go at the activities below (these sheets can be found in your home learning pack).

Optional Challenge


With the game below, you can choose whether to find odd numbers, even numbers or a mix of both. You can make this activity as easy or as challenging as you want by selecting numbers to 20 or numbers to 1000. As long as you follow the odds and evens rule and only look at the ending digit of a number then you will get full marks.



Phonics Play-   Username: jan21   Password: home

On phonics Play, select resources, then Phase 4, then Rocket Rescue. In this game it tells you what the word is that it would like you to spell. There is also the option to hear the words again.



Watch the video below to learn about your new sound today:

ou sound


On Phonics Play select Phase 5 and then select Burried Treasure Phase 5. Only select the new sound which is 'ou'.


Read the sentences below. Can you spot the 'ou' sound?


Today in English we are carrying on with our story' The Queen's Hat'. We are going to be following the guards in their chase after the hat up and around the London Eye.

Learning Chunk 1

In this first learning chunk, we are going to be thinking about the London Eye and comparing it to other things that spin on slide 25. Slide 26 has my ideas for support.

22.01.2021 Learning Chunk 1

Learning Chunk 2

In learning chunk 2, we are thinking about the guards actions and describing what they are doing to get to the top of the London Eye on slide 27. Slide 28 has supporting ideas.

22.01.2021 Learning Chunk 2

Learning Chunk 3

In this final learning chunk, we are going to be thinking about how the guards are feeling- slide 29. Slide 30 has emotion words you would like to use.

22.01.2021 Learning Chunk 3


Today in music we are going to be thinking about singing. Firstly you need to prepare your voice with the video below.