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Hello Year 1 parents,


Thank you for the feedback in terms of work and how your children are coping at home. After feedback from the calls to home, I have tried to reduce the amount of printing needed for the daily tasks. I will also try and include some maths problems for the extra challenge. 


I hope this helps.


Miss Yeomans


To further reduce the amount of printing, today for maths all you will need are the numbers 1 to 20 and the symbols for addition, subtraction and equals. As today you are going to be creating your own addition and subtraction number sentences to solve. Watch the video below to see today's task:

Counting on and counting back

Still image for this video
You need to put the numbers 1 to 10 in one pile and the numbers 11 to 20 in another pile. You will select a card from each pile and then either create an addition or subtraction number sentence. You will be solving the number sentence by counting forwards or backwards on the electronic number line below. If your child needs a more practical approach, you can draw out the number line- the spaces between each number do not need to be 100% accurate this task is more about your child understanding which way to jump to subtract or add.

Maths problem challenge


What else do you know?

If you know this: 12 – 9 = 3

What other facts do you know?



Tune into the Youtube channel to watch Ruth Miskin's phonics sessions for Set 3 sounds at 10.30am or 1.30pm.


Don't forget phonics play which has some fantastic learning games to help your phonics even further!

Phonics play

Username: march20

Password: home


Another phonics activity is watching the Alphablocks on Youtube (parents please be advised adverts linked to the Youtube link may not be suitable for young children).



After feedback from parents, I know that some parents have struggled to access phonicsplay therefore I have found an alternative that still offers lots of phonics games (some of the games require flash and therefore are not compatible with tablets but not all the games).



Also for parents that have struggled with reading buddy, I have found an alternative site that is free and offers a range of reading material for children of all ages.


To reduce printing, Bear's letters can be read on your device. Also the template can be referenced to using your device but does not have to be printed either.

I do apologise for the wrong file being uploaded. I have now corrected the mistake and the correct file is now uploaded.


After many comments and posts on the blog about how you enjoyed the science I set on Wednesday I thought we could continue with the science learning. Watch the BBC bitesize videos below to learn more about your body.

After watching the videos, I want you to go out into your garden or into an outside space and I want you to list what can you see, hear, smell and feel (if you are eating outside you can list what you can taste but don't put anything into your mouth that is not food).