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Mrs Crisp's assembly #2

Hello everyone, here is my next assembly. Sorry about the holes in the globe - I’m still getting used to the green screen technology! If you help to save the planet, please email your photographs to your class page and I will share some in my next assembly. See you soon, Mrs Crisp.


Reading: Rushing Rivers

Our final lesson on Rushing Rivers. Click on Lesson 5: To complete an activity on a non-fiction text.


Writing: Experience Day

On Monday, you will be introduced to the main character of our new sequence. He is a boy who likes to play video games. I know that many of you like to play video games or online games, too. 


The document below is split into 2 pages: one about playing video games indoors and the other about playing games outdoors. There are questions and prompts on the sheet for you to answer. You can either print the page or create your own posters. We are very interested to hear about your thoughts. 





Warm-up: 5 minutes on Hit the Button 


Now it is time to use everything you have learned about measurements and converting to complete today's activity... 


Find a ruler or a tape measure and measure your own height - you might need someone else's help to do this. Record what your height is in centimetres, then convert it into metres, millimetres, kilometres, and (for a challenge) inches. 

Our heights (Mrs Machin's and Miss Dalton's) are already recorded on the table below to help! laugh

If you want to challenge yourself and convert your height into inches, here is a video to help!

Centimetres to Inches: Converting Bigger Numbers

A fun activity to try at home:


Science: Properties of Materials

Dissolving Investigation!

Click on the links below to help you complete your investigation:

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