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Happy Victory in Europe Day!

V for Victory!


Recap of WWII:

VE Day:


  • Open the discussion sheet about your views on VE Day. Think about each question carefully. If you're not sure, talk to an adult.
  • Having watched, listened and read about different aspects of WWII and VE Day, I want you to have a go at writing a diary entry about VE Day in role as a boy or girl living in 1945. Things to include/remember: 

- write in past tense (think of you writing this piece the day after VE Day).

- start at the beginning of the day, working through to the evening. This will include you mentioning how you listened to Churchill's speech on the radio

- describe celebrations from your point of view in detail. 

- express your feelings throughout


WAGOLL beginning: 

Yesterday is a day I will never forget. They're calling it 'VE DAY', short for 'Victory in Europe Day'. This headline was spralled all over the newspapers in big, bold writing when I went to get Mum some milk from the shop early that morning. The shopkeeper was particularly chipper; whistling to the tune of 'Land of Hope and Glory'. Absolutely everyone felt it - that inner swelling of pride and joy that just made you want to sing at the top of your lungs with your arms outstretched towards the heavens. As it turned out, that's just what we did!



  • Complete the arithmetic sheet. NOTE: there are a few questions on here that are more Year 6 standard, e.g. algebra. If you're unsure, leave it and move on. If you want to know more and get ahead, look up the area of Maths yourself to find out more. If you're finding these sheets too difficult, practising your timestables on TT Rockstars, Tackling Tables or playing some games on Topmarks will wake up your mind just as well smiley
  • Main focus: Money. Open the word problems document and have a go! Read carefully and work out which operation you need. If you find these questions tricky, open the support sheet. smiley


Wider curriculum / Foundation Subject: History - VE DAY



DECORATE YOUR HOUSE: Create your own Union Jack bunting. Do this either using fabric or paper and string. I have uploaded a coloured and blank template for you just incase. Please share some photos!


CRACK THE CODE: Morse Code was used to send messages during WWII. Open the document in the resources section and see how good a code breaking you are. 


JUST FOR FUN: As a follow up to your work on Spitfires, here's Horrible Histories RAF Pilot Song. Can you learn the words and dance along?