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Start today by watching Mrs Crisp's assembly.


If you are inspired to create something following the assembly, please send it to us so that we can forward it to Mrs Crisp.

Assembly #3 Creativity with Mrs Crisp - Building

Please send any 'building' activities linked to this assembly to your class emails.Thank you to Oliver Jeffers and HarperCollins publishers for such a wonder...

If you have finished all of today's activities you can choose to access any of the online learning platforms that you have log in details to. e.g. Mathletics, TTRockstars, Tackling Tables, Education City, Discovery Education, or Reading Buddy. You could even practise your Spanish or Ukulele.


As an alternative, you could, listen to the class story, practise mindfulness, read Harold's Daily Diary, read a book, draw a picture, run round your garden, play a game with your siblings, help your grown ups with jobs around the house e.g. tidying your room or cleaning.


Check out the Thrive link for ideas!

Guided Meditation Story for Children | Little Blue Frog | Relaxation for Kids

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