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Mrs Crisp's Assembly
Watch the video link below to see Mrs Crisp's assembly. Please send any building related activities to the class email and these can be forwarded on to Mrs Crisp. She would really appreciate seeing anything you have done linked to her assembly.



Below is a part-whole model. Have a go at drawing the model.

The top circle represents the whole 

The two bottom circles represent the parts

2 =  Part

7 = Part

2 + 7 = whole 
The answer needs to be written in the top circle. 

Today's Activity

Addition and Subtraction Fact Families | EasyTeaching

Teach children how addition and subtraction are linked. Understand how to use addition to help solve subtraction. Understand fact families. Find thousands mo...


When you have watched the video have a go at the following addition sums using subtraction.

Show your workings out. 

Have a go at the worksheet below, you should find a copy in your home learning pack. 




Log into Phonics Play-     Username:jan21   Passwords: home

Select resources, Picnic Pluto, Phase 5 and select the following sounds to revise: ue, aw, wh and ph


Select Tricky Word Trucks, Phase 4 and select All Tricky Words.



The EW (OO) Sound | Phase 5 | Phonics

Get your child to read each of these sentences. Encourage them to 'sound out and blend' any words that they are struggling with.

A balloon blew up in the air and flew away.


My nephew is called Drew.


What can you do if you find a screw in your stew?



Can you write your own 'ew' sentence?

Learning Chunk 1

05.02.2021 Learning chunk 1

Learning Chunk 2

05.02.2021 Learning chunk 2

Learning Chunk 3

Learning chunk 3


Today we are going to be learning about printing. You are going to be printing with found objects. You will need to following things:






-leaves/small objects

paint brush, sponge brush, sponge or roller