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Welcome to FriYAY! Today's learning will look a little different to your Monday to Thursday learning. The aim of Friyay is to spend less time on screens. To help you to do this, we have created a pick'n'mix menu of activities for you to choose from, you can do as many as you like. You can also find this menu of activities in your pack. Each week, your Year 2 Friyay activities will have a different theme; this week our Year 2 theme is creativity. 

Below, you will find Mrs Crisp's assembly and Mr T's Storytime. Both of these will have an activity that you might want to complete.

Mrs Crisp's assembly #5

Story-time with Mr T - The Squirrels who Squabbled



Pick 'n' Mix Friyay!


Potions - to be guided by a grown up

Fill a jug with warm water. Use food colouring or paint, provided by your grown up, to mix and make a variety of 'potions'. Measure the capacity of your potions using a measuring jug. Pour your potions into recycled containers and make labels for each one, which include the capacity. Think of exciting names and what the potion can do. 



Make finger or stick puppets of all the characters in the story of Little Red Riding Hood. Use the puppets to act out the story. You could draw the scenery too.


Groovy Moves

Choose a favourite song or piece of music and invent a new dance. Move high, low, from side to side, jump, twirl and keep to the beat. Practise your moves and teach it to someone in your household.


Still Life

Collect interesting objects from around your house (vases, balls, toys, fruit and flowers). Set your objects out on a table and use pencils or paint to draw or paint them.


My Maze

Use building bricks or natural materials to create a tricky maze for a toy car. Close your eyes and then see if you can listen carefully  and follow instructions from a grown up to move your car around the maze.


Pebble Paintings

Collect pebbles , wash them in soapy water and leave to dry. Ask an adult to help you decorate them with patterns or pictures using paint or marker pens.


Pebble Trail

Place your pebbles around your garden or house  and see if the rest of your family can find them.


Play Dough

Make your own soft dough for model making. Mix 8 tbsp plain flour with 2 tbsp table salt. Add 60ml warm water, food colouring and 1 tbsp vegetable oil. Mix everything together carefully and start modelling.



Follow the yoga lesson below.


Squish the Fish | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!