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Click on the book above to listen to the story





Today's our learning is going to be focused around the book Hermelin. The activities you can choose from will relate to the theme of the book.






Below there is a list of what some of the things in the story weigh.


What is the lightest?


What is the heaviest?


If the lost teddy weighs 3 kg, how much more does Paisley the cat weigh?


If I were to put the Medical Monthly on the balancing scales, what could I put on the other side to balance it out?















I thought it would be fun to design and make our very own paper aeroplanes.


On a piece of paper draw your design box and plan what your aeroplane will look like.

Think about:




enlightenedresources and materials you will need


There is a step by step guide and a link to help you below.




Hermelin is the name of a type of cheese from the Czech Republic 


Here is a map that shows you the Czech Republic in Europe. 




Can you find out where your food has come from? 

Have a look at what you have for lunch today and see if you can find out what country your food has come from. 

I wonder which one has travelled the furthest to get to your plate!










In our story, Hermelin has a job as a detective. See if you can find out what other animals have important jobs.


Animals and their day jobs


Click on the link above and have a go at creating a mind map all about animals and their day jobs.


Your mind map style fact file can be as bright and colourful as you would like. You can add pictures that are provided in the PowerPoint below or even better, you can have a go at drawing them yourself!

If you have a large piece of paper this would be ideal to use so that you can fit all the animals on one page.

(Not to worry if you don't have a large piece of paper, just cut some pieces of A4 in half and use each piece to write your facts on about each animal.)




Who is up for a challenge?

If you have completed your fact file, see if you can find one more animal that isn't on the link who has an important job and add it to your fact file.

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