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Bonjour! Ça va?

Joke for today: 

Why did the sun go to school?

To get brighter! cheeky


This will be your last session based on 'Eric' by Shaun Tan. I hope you are getting to grips with modal verbs now. Those of you which have posted your work onto our blog seem to understand. yes Open the document in the resources section and work your way through. I'm sure you will love not only studying the story this session, but the illustrations as well. Time to get creative!



  • Complete today's 'Starter Mat' to wake up that brain enlightened Answers are on the next page for you to mark.
  • I don't know about you, but I have missed doing Skills Checks on a Friday! So, Skills Check 11 is linked, along with the answer sheet. You would usually be given maximum of 20 minutes to complete at school, so set yourself a timer and crack on! Let's see what score you get today. laugh
  • Open up the problem solving document. The 2 problems are based on number, multiplication and logic. Good luck!


Wider Curriculum / Foundation Subject: Science

Carrying on dipping back into some of our Science topics, today you are going to design a sundial and carry out some activities based on time zones. To refresh your knowledge, click on the links below: - Day and night; - Sun, shadows and time of day; - the Sun: day and night.

Open the document in the resources section which shows you how to make your sundial and then move onto the tasks. Hopefully by the end, you will be able to judge roughly what time it is in the day by the position of the sun in the sky. Have fun investigating!