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We are now starting our new topic - Weight.


Watch the video below to help with your understanding of weight and then have a go at the tasks below.

Comparing and ordering weight and mass

Still image for this video
Can you compare the weights of two objects or more around your home?

Well done to everyone so far that has been tuning into the Youtube channel to watch Ruth Miskin's phonics sessions for Set 3 sounds at 10.30am or 1.30pm.


Don't forget phonics play which has some fantastic learning games to help your phonics even further!

Phonics play

Username: march20

Password: home



Year 1 I have been impressed with the creatures you have created! They have been fantastic to look at on the blog.

For your task today you will using the features you have written down about your creature to create sentences  using CONJUNCTIONS.


CONJUNCTIONS help improve sentences.


and- joins two sentences together but don't be tricked both parts of the sentence have to make sense if you remove the 'and' and put a fullstop in it's place.


E.g. The boy went to the park and pool.   This is not using 'and' as a conjunction.

        The boy went to the park and he went to the pool.   This is using 'and' as a conjunction.


because- gives a reason.


E.g. The boy went to the park because he wanted to go on the swings.


but- is to contrast (something good with something bad or something bad with something good).


E.g. The boy went to the park but there was nobody to play with.

        The boy lost his ball but he found a new friend.

Miss Yeomans' sentences


Follow the link below. You will need your espresso login. You will need to watch the videos in order.I can't wait to see the musical instruments you make. Post them on the blog!

This weekend don't forget ....